J'ai la chance de compter parmi mes meilleurs amis, Bryan Greetham (et Pat Rowe, éditrice de publication, sa compagne), deux excellents esprits. Je les ai rencontrés a Périgueux en 2005 et nous avons correspondu depuis ce jour. Bryan et Pat résident présentement dans le Sud de l'Angleterre et, amoureux de la France, ils n'ont qu'un souhait, c'est de venir s'installer et écrire dans une de nos belles régions du Sud. Pat à été temporairement, éditrice de French News, le journal des expatriés anglophone en France.
I am privileged to count Bryan Greetham amongst my friends.
Bryan is a philosopher who has recently written a clear, accessible introduction to the method and subject of Philodophy entitled « PHILOSOPHY » Visit www.bryangreetham.org.uk »
Philosophy a book by Bryan Greetham

Synopsis : This is a clear, accessible introduction to the method and subject of Philosophy. Written to meet the needs of students, there are clear note structures at the end of each chapter to help students use the ideas confidently, with movements in thought represented on intellectual maps that will allow them to see how each fits into the whole. The text is enriched with fascinating insights into the lives and ideas of philosophers, which makes it an absorbing read.
How to write better essays by Bryan GreethamAlex Strick van Linschoten, Student
« ...I wanted to thank you [Bryan Greetham] for writing this book that allowed me to write my 'best essay yet »

Synopsis : A wide range of courses use essays as a form of assessment, yet many students have never been taught how to write an essay. « How to Write Better Essays » takes you carefully through each stage of the process from interpreting the question, to the research, planning, writing and revision. The book shows you how to improve not just the study skills like note-taking, reading, organisation and writing, but your thinking skills too. You will learn how to analyse difficult concepts, criticise and evaluate arguments, use evidence, and develop more of your own ideas. 'How to Write Better Essays' gives clear practical advice, and will be the ideal book for students with a range of abilities, whether you're struggling with essay writing or simply looking to refine your existing skills.

If you are interested in online tutoring with Bryan Greetham, or you just want more details, please visit the contact form.
Remember, you can be a much better writer and thinker than you are. All it takes are these simple skills. Most of us have the abilities, if we can just learn these skills to open them up.

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Commentaire de Anonymous Anonyme , le 20 juin 2007 à 16:01  

William is very gracious to say that he is privileged to be my friend, when I think it is quite the reverse: I am privileged to have such a loyal and patient friend. Well that’s the back-slapping over. You may wonder why I describe him as a ‘patient’ friend. It is quite a familiar tale, which I’m sure you have all heard before. My partner (Pat Rowe) and I would both like to move to southern France, where we could see more of William and enjoy the enviable lifestyle you all have. But, as in many cases, the problem is how to make it work. For us it is not that we have children so we don’t have the difficult problems that so many parents have. Ours is a different problem: we both have interests and work that don’t migrate so easily. We need to feel part of a community in which we could regularly meet for good conversation and enjoyable company.

Although I am a philosopher and a writer, this doesn’t have to involve the typical esoteric subjects that are generally associated with philosophy, but we have both lived in countries abroad where a critical mass of likeminded people weren’t around so that you could feel part of wider social group. This wouldn’t be so difficult for Pat, whose French is quite good, but for me I would have to start from scratch with what little French I have. Unlike Pat my early education was in a secondary modern school where there were in fact no school leaving exams, let alone teachers to teach foreign languages. Most of you would know better than I do the opportunities where you live for this sort of interaction, although I’m sure all of you have better French than I do so you don’t share to the same degree these concerns. But I would like to know how you have all made the transition.


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